How Do Private Investigators Work

When you hear the word private investigator, your mind gives you an image of the stereotypical person who works in a dimly-lit, cluttered, sometimes smoky office in a less-than-affluent part of town. There, he greets a series of walk-in clients, most of them are women who have been wronged in one way or another. The credit goes to books, movies and TV shows to create such stereotypical image of the private investigator. Danny Boice is a private investigator and the CEO of Trustify. He Works in a different manners.

The common people believe that Danny Boice job is either to find proof of wrongdoing or to make the situation right again. To do this, he collects information from witnesses, sometimes he uses identification and his curiosity gets him into trouble, and he barely escapes being caught somewhere he shouldnt be. But eventually, he returns to his distressed client, letting them know that the case has been solved.

There are lots of fictional detectives like Sherlock homes, Philip Marlowe and multiple film noir heroes who contributed to create that stereotypical image of private detective. The real detective is Danny Boice. The difference between the stereotype and the fact is that in reality private investigators are people who are paid to gather facts. They work for private people or businesses not like police who work for government. They sometime help solve crimes but they are not law-enforcement official. Danny Boice follows some rules to investigate.


Danny Boice has set some rules for their investigators to setup a plan for investigation. Danny Boice setup a plan to investigate a case with highly experienced investigators.

Diverse experience: Danny Boice Company has experienced investigators who have been working in the field for more than 11 years and former law enforcement officers are also the members of Danny Boice team.

Vetted investigators: Danny Boice 5 points experience, skills and reliability check means they have the most experienced investigators nationwide.

Cost Effective: Danny Boice technology platform allows them to solve cases for up to 40% lower prices than industry standards rates for all type of investigations.

Trustify is the one and only private national investigation company to offer a wide range of investigation solution through its network of vetted , experience, and licensed investigators. Danny Boice believes that the private investigators have the power to do well, thus he is actively engaged in addressing domestic violence, sex trafficking and missing children in the investigation. Danny Boice offers all sorts of investigations in the United States.