How to Differentiate Your Brand Personality & USP

Tips on Showcasing the Ideas and Values that Make Your Business Brand Unique

Its very rare to be lucky enough to have a business in an industry that isnt crowded with competition.

Whether you sell something or provide a service, you have competing companies and brands who want the same business you do, and everyone is constantly seeking to secure that business.

A great way to make sure you stand out is by showcasing the ideas and values that make your brand unique.

These differentiators that dictate brand identity and value are easy to spot for many businesses. You really only have to look at what drew you into their business to identify their unique selling position that drives their brand.

A shining example is Amazon in the United States. They provide an easy interface to order through, great and often free shipping for Americans.

But what really sets them apart has been their customer service. As a retailer they are known for making ordering online extremely easy and this has carried over into their Canadian service, though not to the same degree (yet).

Their customer value proposition is their USP (Unique Selling Position).

When looking at how to stand out from the crowd and draw in customers and clients, assess what you see as the core value you provide.

It could be something as simple as longer hours or a higher quality track record. Approach the idea of establishing your brand by trying to sell what you do to yourself. If you cant think of any reason someone would hire you over someone else, then youll need to do a little research.

Your business wouldnt be a success at all if you didnt have something unique about it.

Try mapping your customer experience. Write up what happens at each step and examine what the client is doing vs. what theyd be doing had they opted for your competitors.

Within that analysis, you are likely to identify points where youre providing something the others arent. That USP is what youll use to differentiate your brand.

Heres a quick example: Helen A. is a relationship coach. She helps single people find the right partner and advertises her success rate. Helen B. is also a relationship coach. She also helps single people find dates, but she also provides coaching afterwards to help both parties through any struggles within the first year of their relationship.

Helen A. would define her brand position and USP as being the relationship coach that helps you find love. Helen B. would define her brand position and USP as being a relationship coach that helps you find a partner and then helps cultivate the relationship afterwards.

It should be relatively easy for you to identify your USP and then apply it to your brand.

FedEx is an often talked about example because their USP is overnight shipping guaranteed. Their tag line is When it absolutely, positively, had to be there overnight.