Importance of engineered wood floor for your homes

Importance of engineered wood floor for your homes

Wood flooring is a timeless choice for all sorts of home. It adds elegance to your home that will never go out of style. Other than wood flooring there are a number of alternative options that customer may find for instead such as laminate flooring, solid woods, vinyl flooring, marble flooring, bamboo flooring, ceramic tiles, etc. but engineered wood flooring is an affordable and most durable product in the markets. Every board of the flooring is made up of timber and consists of multiple layers.

What is engineered hardwood flooring?

Engineered hardwood is a flooring material made of multiple layers of wood, as opposed to single plank like in basic wood flooring. The crisscross layering structure provides extra stability so that every plank placed is less prone to weather-based expansion and contractions. Wood species used will give the flooring its name. For instance: A top layer of acacia will make engineered acacia hardwood flooring and maple top layer will make engineered maple hardwood flooring, etc.

Engineered hardwoods bring bespoke and natural warmth, classic styling to any house. They can be installed in every area of your homes like drawing rooms, living rooms, bathrooms or basements.

What is engineered hardwood flooring styles?

Engineered wood flooring offers a variety of style for homes. They are available in species like hickory, oak, maple and many more. Some finishes you can opt for are matter, semi-gloss or full-gloss finish. Engineered wood flooring also comes in a variety of effects such as hand scraped, distressed, or wire-brushed. So, whether you’re planning to have classic to contemporary styles, you can find hardwood flooring that will suit your housing styles. No matter where you install the flooring in your home, they assure to look beautiful, eye-catching for guests who walk into your homes.

What is engineered hardwood flooring benefits?

Strength – Engineered woods are real wood flooring that is built in layers and bonded together. The top hardwood shows all the beauty of selected wood species, just as you would see in any genuine piece of wood. The surface layers are multiple layers of high-density fibreboard that offers greater strength and stability than regular wood boards.

Better Stability – These wood floorings are resistant to change in temperature and humidity which means it gives better stability to your flooring. It could be installed anywhere, including moisture-prone areas like basements, where other materials are slightly difficult to be installed, however, you can see a hardwood flooring placed as such.

Genuine hardwood Well! Its genuine hardwood floor with all the warmth, beauty & lifetime value. A quality floor will last for many coming years and solid wood floor can even be refinished, sanded to look new and beautiful ever.

With lots of reputed companies in UK, while shopping for engineered hardwood floors, you can find a wide and impressive range of colours, wood species, styles, finishes, and textures. Once installed, these engineered wood planks will not only add to the elegance of your homes but will also help prove affordable on your pockets in the long run.