Tips on Installing Marine Air Conditioner

Tips on Installing Marine Air ConditionerMarine air conditioner is a type of conditioner which is completely different from regular air conditioner as it uses water cooling instead of air cooling. This kind of conditioner is perfect for those places where water is abundant but there is lack of space. Marine ac are of generally two types refrigerant and evaporative types. Refrigerated marine air systems are installed to get dry cool air. While on the other hand evaporative marine air conditioners are used to get cool air just like ocean breeze.

Thus, based on your requirements you can choose any one. But you must remember that it is very important to pay proper attention while installing mariner air conditioning system. If the installation process remains incomplete or not done properly then your marine air system might not work properly. In order to get the best from your marine air conditioning make sure that you have installed the conditioner properly. Here are some handy but very effective tips on installing marine air conditioner successfully.

Study the Area: It is very important to have a clear idea about the area where you want to install marine air systems. Take a thorough look on the cabin and decide the place where you want to install the system. It is advisable to install the system in such a place that will keep the temperature even and the air will spread evenly. Thus, you can understand the importance of knowing the area before to install marine air conditioning system.

Easy to access: When you are installing unit of marine air systems, make sure that it is very easy to access. In fact, this aspect must be well taken care of if the system is installed in engine room. Remember, irrespective of the type of air conditioner you are installing regular inspection is must. Thus, it is important that units are easily accessible to clean the units at regular intervals. Simultaneously, it is also important to ensure that drain lines are properly connected so that condensed sourced from air has something to drain.

Installing the different units of marine air conditioners: Some of the common units of marine air conditioning system is thru hull, seacock, strainer, water pump unit and its allied accessories, AC unit and then connecting to power supply. In any typical installation the thru hull is installed at the lowest point of boat. Make sure that it is installed at the lowest point to minimize air getting sucked with water. However, sometimes it is seen that deepest point of boat is not near to unit. Under this kind of circumstances one can run hose on long distance. In order to ensure that sea water is directly pumped and prevent air from coming in it is highly recommended a scoop for intake of sea water lining forward.

With these tips you can surely install marine air conditioners successfully. You can also go through the manual guide provided with marine AC to understand the installation process thoroughly. In order to ensure that the system works perfect without any kind of repairing requirements regular maintenance is highly recommended.