Using Fruit Hampers to Welcome Clients Visiting Singapore

A few years ago, my friend told me about a company with a policy of sending every first-time clients a fruit hamper to celebrate the formation of a new corporal relationship. I hadnt thought too much about it until I walked past a store and saw the price tag on the fruit hamper. Back then, I didn’t realize that an online hamper store sells hampers at a much cheaper rate and comes with free fruit hamper delivery. Hence, I started asking a series of questions like ‘are corporate gifts really that useful?’ and ‘why are they spending so much on a new client?’

I’ve written about how corporate gifts can be used to establish and maintain corporate relations in the past so I’ll just assume that you already know that corporate gifts really are that useful. But why should one spend so much on a new client who may or may not return?

1. First Impression

Many already know what they signed up for when they accepted a job that requires constant travelling but anyone would be exhausted and hungry after spending 5 grueling hours on an airplane sitting between a crying baby and an overweight snoring man. That is why the delivery of a fruit hamper along with a handwritten note from the management team will display a certain level of care and sensitivity that makes the recipient feel warm and appreciated.

That delightful sensation will be the first impression your client have of you.

Here, the management has taken into consideration that the snacks provided by hotels are overpriced and has noted that after a long flight, their clients would likely be exhausted and/or hungry. The delivery of a healthy gift, such as a fruit hamper, is ideal for clients of all age, making it a great corporate gift for new clients whom the management may not be unfamiliar with.

It is very much like keeping the reception area clean and decorating the coffee table with fresh flowers and new magazines. The delivery of a fruit hamper to their hotel rooms makes your clients feel comfortable and shows them that you care about their business. It also tells them that they are your priority.

2. Buyer’s Guilt

Have you ever bought a $150 watch only to regret your buying decision later even though you have not bought any new accessories in the past three years? The remorse gnaws at you as you worry about your spending habits and wonder if the watch you bought was worth it. Now imagine spending $10,000 on a public relations (PR) firm.

A common phenomenon, buyer’s guilt can happen in any purchasing situations and on anyone. If your client is an entrepreneur, there is a good chance that he/she will be experiencing some buyer’s guilt and asking questions like ‘do I really need a PR firm to manage my external relations?’ or ‘should I manage the business external relations on my own?’. This is especially true for new clients who does not have any previous engagement with you and has not seen the value of the good and services you can provide.

Sending a fruit hamper complemented with a bottle of wine eases the buyer’s guilt. Moreover, the delivery of the fruit hamper gives you an opportunity to send along a brochure or booklet containing important information such as a reminder of the unique goods and services you provide or a brochure with FAQs to answer questions he/she may have.

Even though the delivery of brochures without the fruit hamper is cheaper, it is not advisable because brochures has an advertising essence to them. These brochures may feel like an attempt promote your own business which would make your client feel annoyed, rather than welcomed. Fruit hampers, on the other hand, cannot be interpreted as anything else other than a gift.

The delivery of a wellness hamper that comes with fruits or a personalized hamper that allows you to include your company logo can also be considered as they are great alternatives of fruit hampers.

3. Manager’s Capability

Corporate gift-giving is a unique skill that not many possess. After all, the delivery of expensive gifts makes a company look desperate whereas the delivery of cheap products makes a company look broke. The thin line between the two categories is where corporate gifting needs to be in to greatly benefit the company and a fruit hamper designed by a professional designer is right in the middle of that line.

The cheap nature of fruits prevents a fruit hamper from being associated with an expensive product while the elegant design of a fruit hamper prevents it from being perceived as cheap. Additionally, if the delivery of this fruit hamper comes with a secondary gift such as a box of chocolate or a bottle of wine, the fruit hamper will feel more corporal and professional.

Many management teams prefer having fruit hampers delivered to their clients because a fruit hamper shows that the management have done their due diligence. This is especially true if the delivery of a fruit hamper comes with items that their clients particularly enjoy such as a bottle of wine, a box of cookies, a bar of chocolate or even a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Note that sometimes, something as simple as a note with a personalized message can have a great impact on the value of your fruit hamper. A personalize message shows that youve given some thoughts into your gifts and that you appreciate and cherish the corporal relationship between you and your client. In other words, the difference between a fruit hamper that comes without a personalized note and one that comes with it is that the former tells the story of a man doing his job whereas the latter tells a story of a man being passionate about his job.

Showing how much you care is very important when you are working with a new client who does not know you well. As such, going an extra mile to demonstrate your passion allows new clients to gauge your devotion. Since devotion goes hand in hand with practice and quality of service provided, sending the right gift also signals the managements capability in delivering quality goods and services.