What is a Moving Tariff and Why Does My Moving Company Need One?

Being a good business owner means providing a good quality of service at a fair price for what you are offering. Ensuring that your business thrives and stands the test of time always is the end goal. One way to ensure a solid and bright future for your business is to make sure to always follow the letters of the law to a T.

The moving business is a very straightforward business model. If you move items from A to B safely then you have successfully done your job. Of course anyone that owns a moving company know that there are so many more factors that go into making sure that the process all runs smoothly. It tends to always be easier said than done.

One of the biggest pitfalls moving companies fall into, especially ones that are new to the industry, is not knowing or properly informing themselves about all the legal issues that your company needs to comply with. Its better to take a few minutes now to educate yourself than waiting until its too late and your company is given major fines from the Department Of Transportation. One important document that all companies need is a Tariff. Below I will discuss all you need to know about Tariffs and why they are so important.

What is a Tariff and Why Do I Need One?

A moving tariff is basically an ironclad document that is written out and signed before a moving company moves anyones items. The Tariff clearly states all the pricing for all of the services your moving company provides. The tariff prices out in cubic feet or in pounds what your company charges for the relocating of items from one place to another.

This also includes your companies bill of landing as well as the aforementioned Order of service. This paper must be physically printed out for a client to review or if your truck were to be inspected you should have proof of your tariff.

It is important to build a custom moving tariff rather than buy a template. Many times moving companies fall into a trap of having a tariff that was created specifically for their company and this makes it harder for the company because it might not adhere with the services or pricing you want to provide.

Building a custom tariff is so important because whatever the tariff says has to be honored. Movers cannot change the rate by making it more expensive or even discounting a move. This is actually illegal. Whatever the tariff says is what the client pays.

Using a custom built tariff is the best option to empower both your business and your employees.